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About Us

KEROMIYONS Architectonics lab n Studio works [KALS] is a professional, young, creative and dynamic Architectural Team, based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu with multifaced approach and innovative design ideas. Mr. Aravindhan. U, Chief Architect is a member of the Council of Architecture and is a Masters Degree holder in Digital Architecture.

This division of KEROMIYONS is dedicated to provide and create Architectural marvels through the employment of natural principles of Architecture through Digital Technology so as to provide utmost comfort in living, working and recreation and at the same time meeting the twin objective of cost effectiveness / value for money as well as aesthetics of vibrancy and ambience of tranquility. The principles and concepts that are employed tend to take untread paths of venture which culminate in provision of vibrant solutions to customer's perceived needs. The style and trend today has broken away from the platonic solids and moved towards a more free flowing dynamic form. Computer generated concepts and diagrams are used to develop the plan and views. This concept or ideology can lead to more innovative and dynamic design of buildings. Our expertise in visualization helps the client see and feel his/her interiors and exterior during the planning stage itself to cater Client's requirements from concept.